About IPC

The Intersociety Pathology Council (IPC) is an informal organization that was formed in 1968 to serve as:

  1.  a national forum for discussion of matters of interest and concern to North American pathology;
  2.  a clearinghouse for scheduling of national meetings;
  3.  a means of facilitating communications among national pathology organizations.

The Secretariat organization provides staffing for the IPC website, meeting(s), and record-keeping. Since January 2019, the Association of Pathology Chairs has served as IPC’s Secretariat. From 2005 through 2018, the Intersociety Council for Pathology Information (ICPI) was IPC’s Secretariat. IPC members currently do not pay dues to join or belong to IPC, but are expected to be current dues-paying members of ICPI.

Traditionally, the IPC organizational representatives meet face-to-face once per year, on the Sunday morning of the United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology meeting.  USCAP generously provides space and hospitality for the IPC representatives to meet in person.  APC provides the technical platform for virtual meetings.

In March 2020, IPC’s members approved migrating their website content from www.interpathcouncil.org to ICPI’s redesigned website (www.pathologytraining.org) to increase visibility and access to their material, and to enhance ICPI’s society information.


For more information about joining IPC or to obtain previous years’ organizational reports, please contact:

Priscilla Markwood (for the Association of Pathology Chairs)

Intersociety Pathology Council Secretariat

Email:  pmarkwood@apcprods.org

Phone:  302-660-4945