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The Association of Directors of Anatomic and Surgical Pathology (ADASP), founded in 1989, is a distinguished professional association of directors of anatomic and/or surgical pathology or their subspecialty division who are dedicated to the advancement and leadership of diagnostic anatomic and surgical pathology. The majority of members are from academic institutions in the United States, but individuals who are from private, independent laboratories or from outside the U.S. and who meet the membership criteria are also eligible. The ADASP diverse membership includes representatives from academic departments across the country who share a vision of education, research and continuous improvement in the standards and quality of surgical and anatomic pathology. The ADASP is a unique organization that provides a forum where directors of laboratories, divisions, or subdivisions in anatomic and/or surgical pathology can interact and network with each other on both a personal and professional level.

Recognizing that the future of anatomic and surgical pathology is in building teams of healthcare provider leaders, the ADASP collaborates with other professional organizations and agencies to address issues relating to anatomic and surgical pathology. The ADASP is involved with patient and physician education as well as publication of position papers, editorials, and recommendations regarding various aspects of the practice of anatomic pathology. Education remains a primary focus of these collaborations, with the outcome of improved patient care.


The Association’s objectives are to:

  • Promote expertise, effective administration and productive education in the practice of administering anatomic pathology laboratories;
  • Sponsor and promote the education of pathologists and others in health care related to administration of anatomic pathology and its branches;
  • Establish and maintain appropriate relationships with other societies and groups of physicians and scientists who share professional interests with the Association.


Educational Opportunities

The educational programs of the ADASP are of prime importance to its members and to the Council. The ADASP recognizes the need to quickly and judiciously integrate evolving anatomic laboratory regulations and newly available anatomic laboratory tests into clinical practice, and addresses this need through its educational programs. To meet the educational needs of its constituents, the ADASP has developed an ambitious annual educational program that is designed to enable medical directors in anatomic pathology to foster and develop the knowledge base, leadership skills and communication tools that are essential to the advancement of patient education and patient care.


ADASP Membership

ADASP is an Association of and for its membership. It is committed to a dynamic interaction of anatomic and surgical pathology laboratory directors dedicated to maintenance of the highest professional standards in diagnostic anatomic pathology. Benefits of being an ADASP member are numerous and cover a broad spectrum of professional and personal needs. Members of ADASP, have available the opportunity to provide and utilize resources necessary to foster professional, academic and scientific growth in the leadership of anatomic and surgical pathology. Members are also entitled to a discount for the ADASP annual meeting.