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ICPI supports awareness of the important roles played by pathologists in clinical practice and the many career opportunities available in the field of pathology through the Margaret Grimes Medical Student Interest Group Grants. Each grant provides $500 per academic year for unrestricted use in furthering medical student interest group activities. Recipients of the ICPI Medical Student Interest Group Grants also become part of a national cohort of leaders, who are invited to share best practices with each other through virtual forums organized by the ICPI Board.

Grant applications will be approved on the basis of completeness, the quality of the medical student interest group’s activities, and the availability of funds. The ICPI Board maintains a strategic vision to fund all medical student interest groups, made possible through paid program listings in the ICPI Program Directory.

ICPI welcomes grant applications with two deadlines each academic year.

  •  Applications submitted by October 31st will be reviewed by November 30th and funds (via check) will be disbursed by December 15th.
  • Applications submitted by February 28th will be reviewed by March 31st and funds (via check) will be disbursed by April 15th.

All applicants (student leaders and faculty advisors) will receive notification by email as to the outcome of the application review process. Unsuccessful applicants will be encouraged to reapply in the next application period. Two applications may be submitted per academic year; only one grant will be awarded per medical school per academic year.

Application data will not be saved or transmitted, if the “Submit” button is not entered. To complete the application, you will need:

  •  The student leader’s name, phone and email address;
  • The faculty advisor’s name, degree(s), mailing address, phone and email address;
  • A description of the group’s activities;
  • A description of the planned uses of the ICPI grant;
  • The party to whom the grant payment should be made and mailed. Important: Please pay critical attention to whom the funds should be paid and the address to which the funds should be mailed.

For questions or concerns, please contact the administrative office at

Medical Student Interest Group (MSIG) Grant Application Form

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