Society of ’67 Open Access Award

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The Society of ’67 Open Access Award program seeks to:

  • PROMOTE the publication of high-quality original scholarship in a peer-reviewed journal by authors at an early stage of academic development;
  • FOSTER projects of enterprise and national importance with potential for grant-funding eligibility;
  • ENABLE editors and reviewers to mentor young authors in the highest standards of research ethics and academic rigor; and
  • SUPPORT the mission of the APC to produce the next generation of outstanding investigators and educational scholars in the field of pathology.


Award applications must meet the following criteria:

  • The first or corresponding author (qualifying author) must be a medical student, pathology resident or fellow, or junior faculty.
  • The manuscript must demonstrate strong research methods and the potential for broader or longitudinal study, and fit the scope of Academic Pathology. Generally, case reports and quality improvement projects will not qualify, unless they explicitly open the door to other research questions and opportunities.
  • Preference will be given to research that shows collaboration and teamwork with other specialties at the same institution or with pathologists from multiple institutions.
  • If accepted, awardees are agreeing to submit their manuscript for publication in Academic Pathology. The editors and reviewers are committed to nurturing manuscripts toward acceptance for publication. In the unlikely event that awardees are unable to satisfactorily address reviewer comments in a manner that leads to publication, the award qualification will be rescinded and the award can no longer be claimed for the abstract submitted.


Recipients of the Open Access Award will have:

  • The Article Processing Fee (a value of $1250 for APC members) paid by the Society of ’67 for the accepted article;
  • Open Access Award attribution on the published article;
  • Open Access Award acknowledgment on the journal website; and
  • Open Access Award recognition on the APC website.

Application Process

  • Applications are reviewed on a monthly basis by the Society of ’67 Board. Within 45 days of receipt of an application, the qualifying author will be notified whether or not the application qualifies for submission.
  • After qualifying, authors have up to one year to submit their manuscript for peer review and up to two years (from the date of award qualification) to complete the review process and be issued a letter of acceptance.
  • Awards can only be used at the time of manuscript submission. Authors must apply for this award prior to submitting the relevant manuscript to Academic Pathology.
  • Authors may qualify to receive up to one award per year.

See how to apply and other details here (PDF).
This PDF flyer may be downloaded, printed, and/or shared freely.