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The Department of Pathology and Immunology at Washington University School of Medicine, in conjunction with Barnes-Jewish Hospital, and the St Louis Children’s Hospital, offers fully approved training programs in Anatomic Pathology, Clinical Pathology, combined training in both fields, and training in subspecialty areas of pathology. These training programs include instruction and experience in experimental pathology with the unique opportunity for the trainee to undertake original investigation in his or her field of interest. Clinical emphasis is placed on specialization, with the trainee assuming increasing diagnostic responsibility under expert supervision in the subspecialties of anatomic pathology or laboratory medicine after basic training in the selected branch of pathology. The goal of the program is to train individuals who will be expert in their areas of interest and will be prepared for a career in research, teaching and the practice of pathology. The anatomic pathology program offers training in general pathology and the subspecialty areas of surgical pathology, cytology, neuropathology, pediatric pathology, breast pathology, molecular pathology, obstetrics and gynecological pathology, oncology, genitourinary pathology, renal pathology, head and neck pathology, dermatopathology, liver and gastrointestinal pathology, hematopathology, environmental pathology and bone pathology. The clinical pathology program offers training in clinical chemistry, clinical immunology, clinical microbiology, blood banking/transfusion medicine and immunohematology, histocompatibility and immunogenetics, hematology and hemostasis, and computer sciences. Post-doctoral research fellowship positions are available in all of the above areas. All trainees hold appointments at Washington University and participate in the teaching of medical students.

A total of thirty-six house staff positions are available including 11 first-year positions which may be entered at the intern level or after training in another medical specialty.

Barnes-Jewish Hospital and St Louis Children’s Hospital: 1,579 beds; 346 autopsies; 45,069 surgical accessions and 7 million laboratory test requests. Research facilities are fully equipped for biochemical, metabolic and morphologic investigations in the fields of cellular immunology, immunopathology, transplantation immunology, histocompatibility typing and human diseases, immunopathology of virus infection, chemical carcinogenesis, viral carcinogenesis, neoplasia, tumor specific antigens, immunology of plasmacytomas, diabetes, endocrine pathology, hormone action, hormone secretion, coagulation, experimental production of emphysema, microchemistry of the CNS, bone metabolism and pathology, molecular pathology, and environmental pathobiology. There are three well stocked medical libraries within the department as well as easy access to the Medical School library. Graduate courses may be taken at the Medical School or main University campus.

The Washington University Medical Center is located at the western edge of the City of St Louis, adjacent to St Louis County and to Forest Park, one of the world’s finest public parks. A system of highways or buses and the Metrolink light rail system provide easy access to the Center with reasonable housing available in nearby residential areas. The community provides an excellent zoo, art museum, science center, skating rink and tennis courts, all in Forest Park, as well as a world- renowned symphony orchestra, professional sports, and excellent theatre.


House officers and trainees begin at $59,063 and increase each year thereafter.