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An accredited four-year residency is offered in combined anatomic and clinical pathology. The program provides broad, diverse training in all aspects of anatomic and clinical pathology. The training in anatomic pathology includes autopsy and surgical pathology, cytopathology, dermatopathology, molecular diagnostics, neuropathology, hematopathology, renal pathology, electron microscopy, forensic pathology, and immunopathology. The program in clinical pathology provides training in clinical chemistry, clinical microbiology, hematology, immunohematology, blood banking, clinical immunology, toxicology, flow cytometry, cytogenetics, hemostasis, laboratory management and computer applications. The research program of the department emphasizes cancer molecular biology. Residents are expected to assume graduated professional responsibilities consistent with their level of experience and training.

There are 14 pathology residency positions divided among the four years.

Albany Medical Center is the primary teaching hospital. Residents also rotate at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center Hospital. The case load available to the residents includes 55 hospital autopsies, 600 forensic autopsies, 48,200 surgical accessions, 9,500 cytology specimens, and clinical laboratory tests in excess of five million per year. Affiliated supplemental rotations in special areas of virology, mycology, parasitology, advanced hemostasis, cytogenetics, blood bank management and research are available at the nearby New York State Public Health laboratories.

Albany Medical Center is located in the capital of the Empire State, a medium-sized city of 100,000. As part of the tri-cities metropolitan area (Troy is nine miles to the northeast and Schenectady 13 miles to the northwest) with a combined population of half a million, Albany offers many of the advantages of a big city with few of its shortcomings. The Capital District is within one or two hours of many ski resorts of New York, Vermont, and Massachusetts. Mountains and lakes are close by, abounding in excellent facilities for outdoor activities. New York City is two and a half hours away by car, Boston only minutes farther. Saratoga Springs, with its racetracks and Performing Arts Center, is thirty minutes away. The Berkshires offer many cultural activities including Tanglewood, summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

Application Instructions

All residency candidates must be graduates of approved medical schools; graduates of international medical schools must have an ECFMG Certificate. Satisfactory references are required. Applications are best submitted by November 15 for positions beginning July 1 of the following year.


All residency candidates must be graduates of approved medical schools; graduates of international medical schools must have an ECFMG Certificate.


First-year postgraduate $64,645 per annum, second-year postgraduate $65,255, third-year postgraduate $65,863 and fourth-year postgraduate $66,473. An annual three-week paid vacation is included, as well as malpractice and health insurance.