Pathology Honor Society

The Intersociety Council for Pathology Information (ICPI) invites you to recognize outstanding students at your institution by participating in the Pathology Honor Society. The Pathology Honor Society was originally established by the Association of Pathology Chairs (APC) in 1992. In July 2014, ICPI began to co-sponsor the Pathology Honor Society. The Pathology Honor Society is organized at the level of each participating medical school with the chair of the Department of Pathology, or designee, assigned responsibility for execution of the program. Specific activities remain the purview of each individual medical school. National oversight of the program is the responsibility of ICPI with consultation from the Undergraduate Medical Education Committee of APC.

The Pathology Honor Society fosters scholarship and excellence in academic and service pathology as defined in the broadest sense:

  • Recognizes special aptitude and interest in the discipline of pathology;
  • Establishes a collegial group within the discipline of Pathology for the purpose of educational and social interchange at each participating school of medicine;
  • Provides opportunities for continuing professional development;
  • Increases the pool of highly qualified individuals with aptitude and interest in pathology in order to foster continuing excellence in this specialty.

Student members are selected by the Department of Pathology at each participating school of medicine on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Scholastic achievement in the pathology curriculum
  • Research accomplishments as a medical student
  • Leadership potential, as evidenced by activities as a medical student
  • Overall excellence, with potential to develop further academically.

Please note that it is recommended that the number of nominated students be no larger than 10% of the class size; however, it is permissible to include up to 20% of the class.

How to Recognize Outstanding Students in Pathology at your Institution

There is no application process to participate in the Pathology Honor Society

To recognize students at your institution please complete the following steps:

  1. Select students for recognition using the criteria listed above.
  2. Complete this submission form with the names and contact information of your selected students (MS Excel required)
  3. Please submit electronically to at least two weeks prior to your ceremony. All materials will be sent to the requestor at the address provided.
  4. Each student will receive an individualized certificate and a Pathology Honor Society pin from ICPI. ICPI will mail recognition certificates and membership pins to the address provided on the submission form. The student’s name and institution will be listed on the ICPI website.

There are no fees to participate with the Pathology Honor Society.

For more information contact the ICPI office:

Donna Pluta
ICPI Administrator
Tel: 240.283.9711
Fax: 301.634.7990

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