2022 CAP Pathologists Leadership Summit

As a virtual event, the Pathologists Leadership Summit is still the meeting where members come together to strengthen their leadership skills and move pathology forward.
You will not only hone your ability to communicate, persuade, and manage; but by drawing upon content from the House of Delegates, the Engaged Leadership Academy, practice management, and our federal policy agenda, you will also become a more knowledgeable advocate.
To proactively drive change, you need the tools to make things happen. And the Pathologists Leadership Summit provides just that—unparalleled access to the education and training you require to make a positive impact. It will inspire the leader within you to brainstorm with key CAP leaders on Capitol Hill, as we all lobby for the future of our specialty.
The Pathologists Leadership Summit is a premier benefit as part of your membership and includes CME—there is no registration fee to attend.