ACVP/ASVCP 2023 Annual Meeting

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In 2023, we will gather for our ACVP/ASVCP Annual Meeting at the Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile, a vibrant, bustling area in Chicago.

The Annual Meeting Committee and Session Chairs and Co-Chairs are busy planning a series of sessions to expose attendees to a broad array of contemporary topics. The theme of the plenary session is the Power of the Microbiome. The meeting program will also include the traditional Focused Scientific Sessions (Clinical Pathology, Diagnostic Pathology, Education, Experimental Disease, Industrial and Toxicologic Pathology, and Natural Disease) as well as a session on Forensic Pathology and several sessions on special topics such as an AAVLD-sponsored session on Cutting Edge Molecular Technology and its Application in the Diagnostic Laboratory, a session exploring the Frontiers in Unconventional Drug Discovery Tools and Therapeutics, and a session on Wildlife Pathology and its Impacts on Research, Conservation, and Policy.