Dr. Bernard Naylor Cytomorphology Award

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The Dr. Bernard Naylor Excellence in Cytomorphology Award addresses a morphologic constituency that is not served by current awards.
The Award highlights one of our most important skills in the field of our practice: Morphologic observation.

This award will be awarded to any ASC member or applicant who may be a cytotechnology student, a cytotechnologist, a medical student, a pathology trainee or a pathologist. They can be working in any setting – be it in a developed country or an underdeveloped country – where perhaps ancillary studies are in scarcity and all one has to rely on for accurate diagnosis is one’s morphological skills. Therefore, this will be an award that is inclusive to everyone in the field -all generations and all practice types.

The Dr. Bernard Naylor Excellence in Cytomorphology Award will promote the morphologic studies and show that the ASC appreciated those individuals who pursue morphological studies to help the advancement of the field and better serve our patients.